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Pet Memorials

Looking for a unique way to memorialize your beloved companion? Or simply want a gorgeous and custom piece that celebrates your pet...? Check out the amazing stuff that Linda can do with glass.You can also find her beautiful creations on

Pet Safety & Security


It's a simple concept. An easy-to-spot, foolproof ID tag – the first thing anyone looks for. But behind this tag is a whole network of specialists and services, ready to help you and your pet in any emergency. Anywhere. Anytime. Lost and found, home fire, car accident, natural disaster, travel – one free call does it all! It's like 911, MedicAlert and OnStar rolled into one great service for you and your pet.

If this produce interests you, please contant them directly OR ask Megan at Pet Watchers Plus for a 1 year subscription for only $1.



Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance


VPI has plans that are designed to provide the best medical protection for your pet when they need it most, while protecting you financially when the unexpected happens. To learn more, receive your free, no obligation quote or enroll online,contact us at: or call us at


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