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Our Services, Pricing and Policies

We provide care for most domestic pets including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and birds.


All vacation services require at least 1 visit per day for cats and 3 visits per day (or 1 mid-day visit along with an overnight) for dogs unless other arrangements are made.


Please confirm your reservation with our office before leaving town. It is important you take a headcount to ensure pets are inside your house before you leave. PWP is not responsible for pets left unattended outside.

Our services may cost a little more but we go the extra mile. We stay a little longer, keep accurate daily notes on what we do and most of all give your pets love and attention. We want them to be calm and content while you are away. As a multiple pet owner myself, I am commited to socializing and exercising your pets. I also ensure that your home is kept secure.

Meet and Greet:

This pre-service meeting is free. I  meet and interact with your pets to make sure I am right for you. We discuss the detailed or customized services you need. We fill out the necessary service contract should you decide to use PW+.


At this meeting please be prepared to provide 1 set of tested house keys which are confidentially coded and kept in a safe. Keys can be kept on file or returned after the last visit. I am insured and bonded for your peace of mind. The PWP press kit is provided at this visit.


Dog/Cat/Bird Visits:

Visits include feeding, playing, 10-15 minute dog walk (as time allows), bringing in mail/newspaper, litter and daily poop clean up, taking garbage to curb, oral medications and watering house plants if needed. Puppy care includes reinforcing the basic commands that you use and cleaning up any messes.



$20 first daily visit for 1-2 dogs (35-40 min)
- Extended visit (1 hr) $27. Each Additional dog $2.
$18 daily visit for 1-3 cats (25-30 min) - Extended visit (1 hr) $27. Each add'l cat $2.
$15 any additional visit per day* for all dogs and cats (25-30 minutes)

*Price may vary slightly if you have multiple animals, special needs or additional pets such as a rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, snake, fish or amphibian. Please feel free to ask.

Overnight Pet and House Sitting:

Overnight sitting (7:30 pm to 8 am) includes feeding, playing, dog walk, bringing in mail/newspaper, daily litter and poop clean up, garbage can to curb, oral medications, watering house plants and spending the night in your home.

$65 per night for 1-2* dogs (includes one walk)
$15 per additional midday walk/visit for dogs
*$2 each additional animal, fish tank or bird(s). Please ask regarding these and more complex needs.

Dog Walking* Prices

$20 per walk - one dog (25-30 minute park or neighborhood walk) Longer walks can be quoted.
$24 per walk - two dogs together (25-30 minute park or neighborhood walk)


Dogs are pack animals and thrive on connection with other dogs. We charge a slightly higher fee for dogs who must be walked individually. We require a minimum of two days a week for this service.

*This service is for walking, watering, poop cleanup during walk only, no other services are included.

Pet Taxi, Shopping, Vet or Spa Shuttle:

General transportation and tasks can be arranged if you need your dog taken to the vet, groomer or trainer. We will wait at the vet for appointments or can arrange for pickup before and after surgery.
$18 per hour from time we leave your home plus $.50 mile
Vet or groomer costs are as arranged by client.


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