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Going on vacation?
Have an Emergency?
Working Long Hours?


We are Pet Watchers Plus - dedicated to care for your pet as you would while your gone.

Discover the many advantages of using PW+, a professional petsitter, when you travel, work long hours or are away from home and your pets need to be taken care of. Each day when you are away, PW+ will visit your home to feed, care for and play with your pet(s). Since this requires that we assume the responsibility for both your pet(s) and your home, we will always take the time for a personal interview in advance and an introduction to your cherished companion(s) to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Confidently leave your pets at home in their own secure and comfortable environment. No need to impose on neighbors, friends or relatives who might not have the time, remember specific procedures, or notice the early signs of illness that may need veterinary attention.

We offer both you and your pet relief from stress. No need to worry about transporting to and from a kennel. Pets stay in their own home and follow their normal diet and exercise routine. Pets avoid illness from other animals and receive personalized attention to their special

Our Services
In all but the worst weather, we can give your dog exercise or  a walk before you get home from work. As pet sitters we do more than provide food and water in your home while you are away. We spend quality time with your pet. What's more, the 'plus' means we can offer additional services, such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, watering house plants, turning lights on and off and providing your home with a lived-in look to deter crime.

Please give our office a call for a customized quote to suit you and your pet(s) individual needs. Remember to book in advance, especially before a holiday. Please check out our Service Area page.
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